The ticketsale for the 9th edition of the festival „Politik im freien Theater“ has started.


Esso Häuser Echo – Ein Nachruf (14.11.) | Sfumato | Morning | Qualitätskontrolle | La nouvelle pensée noire / Das neue schwarze Denken – Chefferie | Past is Present | Dschingis Khan | FRONTex SECURITY | Unsere Geheimnisse / Titkaink | Dear Moldova, can we kiss just a little bit? | more than naked | The Civil Wars | Not my Piece | Anonymous P.
15,00 € | 8,00 € concession
Ticket = Ticket for the local transport


Ceci n’est pas… | Esso Häuser Echo – Ein Nachruf (13.11.)
Admission free of charge

(trips by bus to theatres in France and Switzerland)
Macbeth (Le Maillon, Strasbourg), Super Premium Soft Double Vanilla Rich (Kaserne Basel),
Teatr KnAM: Je suis (La Filature Mulhouse)
15 € / concession 8€, tickets include the bus shuttle
Tickets can be purchased at the box office (Theater Freiburg) until the 10th of November. The offer „buy 5 tickets, get 1 free“ also applies tot he „Theatertrips“.

Supporting programme
Talks&Platforms, Grenzland, Pollerwerk, Readings, Table Talks while Lunching, Seminar at the Café, Café Triptic, Cryptoparty, Buy Buy St. Pauli, Everyday I’m Capuling, Jumble Sale, Eltern- Lan Games (Parents), Eltern ONLINE (Parents), Netzkultur-Lab, Special Guided Tour at the Museum Mensch und Natur, as well as activities of the ’Schul- und Jugendprogramm’ are free of charge.
Events, concerts and Parties that are happening at the Festivalcenter/Passage46 are free of charge for visitors/audiencemembers that are holding tickets for the respective evening.

Performances/ other events
Whims of Freedom, Economic Theory for Dummies, Day-trip by bus: Wege der Freiheit, Stroll through the city: Eine Runde Überwachung
5 Euro

15 Euro / concession 8 Euro

aka-Filmclub: 1,50 Euro
Kommunales Kino: Doublefeature 8 / concession 6 Euro, Moskauer Prozesse: 6 / concession 4 Euro
Tickets for these can only be purchased directly with the respective organisers or at the door.

With a valid ticket for the performance „Dear Moldova, can we kiss just a little bit?“ the entrance tot he exhibition „Can we kiss?“ is free of charge.

 4+1 Festivalpass

If you are attending 5 different performances of your choice you’ll only have to pay for 4! This offer includes the „Theatertrips“
This offer is only available at the box office.


Discounts are available for students, unemployed persons, trainees up until the age of 29, as well as the severely disabled (from 80%). Eligibility hast to be proven at admission to the performances and events.

Hinweis für internationale Gäste / Information for international guests

Wenn es keine englische Übertitelung für die Gastspiele gibt, bietet das Festival eine englische Synopsis an.
The festival will offer a synopsis in English, should there be no English subtitles available.

Where to buy your tickets:

Theaterkasse Theater Freiburg

Bertoldstr. 46, 79098 Freiburg
Mo – Fr 10 a.m. until 6 p.m.
Sa 10a.m until 1p.m.
At the door: Großes Haus an hour before the performance commences , Kleines Haus/Kammerbühne and Werkraum half an hour before the performance commences
+49 (0) 761 201 2853
+49 (0) 761 201 2898


Theaterkasse Theater im Marienbad

Marienstr. 4, 79098 Freiburg
Tue and Thurs 10a.m until 4p.m.
Wed and Fri 10a.m until 6 p.m.
Sa 10 bis 13 Uhr
At the door: an hour before the performance commences

Online Tickets and Print@Home

Dates of the performances are linked to the online ticketing.

More advance ticket selling points:

BZ Kartenservice and offices of Badischen Zeitung

All performances at “Großes Haus“, “Kleines Haus“ and „Werkraum“ at Theater Freiburg, “Szenenraum“ at Theater im Marienbad as well as “Saal“ at E Werk have step-free access.
It is prohibited to record, film, audiotape during the performances.

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